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VetriVel: Thaipusam 2024 Official Souvenir Ad. Directory is aimed to be an annual ad. Publication being publish in printed format and available on free download from our website (www.projectdharmamalaysia.org) and(or) (facebook/malaysiahindusangam). It will be made available one week before Thaipusam celebration. We aim to make it the official and the autoreactive ad. Directory being published annually. It projects Who’s Who Thaipusam 2024 and Malaysian Indians in businesses from various trade, professions and industry. It will be an important reference source and at the same time fund raising avenue for Malaysia Hindu Sangam. The entire project shall be on digital marketing including payment on Ads. Direct bank-in. No cash handling.

Aims & Objectives  

  • To be the most talk, referred, used about publication in Town
  • To be the official and autoreactive reference source for Thaipusam and post event 
  • To showcase Who’s Who Malaysian Indian in business, profession and industry


1.  To be distributed nationwide at Thaipusam temple location

Batu Caves; Ipoh, Kalu Malai; Penang, Tani Malai; Melaka Sanasi Malai; Seremban, Balathendayunapani Alayam; Alor Setar/ Sg. Petani Murugan Alayam; Pahang, Marutandavan; Johor, Arulmigu Senthil Murugan etc.

2. To be sold at RM20.00 per copy

3. Proposed a minimum of 20,000 copies to be printed.

4. Digital copy free available online www.projectdharmamalaysia.org


 Proposed Contents 

1.  Message by Hon. Minister of Human Resources, YB Sivakumar

2.  Message by Community Leaders:   - Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Vickneswaran, MIC National President   - YB. Dato Seri S.     Saravanan   - Ybhg. Tan Sri Nadarajah, Chairman of MAHIMA   - Religious Leader etc.

3. Address by Thiru. Sangapoosan T. Ganesan, President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam

4. General Information about Thaipoosam

5. MHS’s Guideline on Thaipusam 

6. Write-up on Thaipusam Venues:   

  •    Batu Caves, Sri Subramaniam Swamy Temple   
  •    Penang, Tani Malai Koil   
  •    Ipoh, Kalu Malai Koil   
  •    Alorsetar, Sri Murugan Alayam   
  •    Seremban, Sri Balathendayunapani Alayam   
  •    Melaka, Sanasi Malai Koil   
  •    Maran, Maratandavan Alayam   
  •    Johor, Arulmigu Sential Murugan Koil   - Etc.

7. MHS may create a competition in conjunction with Thaipusam (Eg. Thaipusam Photography, Thaipusam     AudioCD, TikTalk Video etc.) To be outsourced to any State as a fund generation. Publicity and PR campaign     for MHS. (Value-adding effort).

8. Advertisement Pages

9. Advertisement Index (A2Z by State)


Proposed Technical Information

  • Publication Size  : A4 (21 x 29.7 cm or 210 x 297 mm)
  • Cover  : Art Card (225g.) 
  • Cover Finishing  : Matt Lamination with Spot UV Finishing 
  • Estimate No. of Pages  : 360 pages 
  • Paper Quality  : Newsprint Paper (70g.) 
  • Estimate No. of Ad. Pages  : 300 pages 
  • Estimate No. of Info. Pages  : 60 pages 
  • No. of Copies to be Printed  : 20,000 copies 
  • Colour & BW Pages  : Full Colour

Benefit & Milage to Advertisers

  • A nationwide market reach, our research indicates a minimum of 200,000 people to view your ad as it is available on print and digital copy from our web. 
  • All ads are permanently displayed on the website.
  • It will be a most sought after reference to search for Indians in Business and Professions
  • Life Long After Sales Reference
  • Worth your money spend for advertisement with a maximum of market reach
  • You will be seen as a market authority in your field or industry.
  • Act now to receive your maximum exposure.

Proposed Technical Information (attach file)


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