Welcome to Malaysia Hindu Sangam Project Dharma Webpage 

We are the national apex organization for Hindus and Hinduism in Malaysia 

We have

1 National Council 

14 State Councils

Over 122 Local Councils

Over 2,600 Temples & Hindu NGOs Registered with us and over 110,000 members in benefit This makes 

us the largest Hindu Body in Malaysia 

In order for us to be effective, we have develop various fund raising projects with commercial value, feel-good dramic value or just your responsibility as a Hindu, and this is a priceless value. Your purpose of life is dharma.

Dharma is done in the form of service or contributions. If you can serve…  

join us or if you can just contribute… just click the ‘Donate Now’ icon on the bottom of this page Our Aim is to Propagate Hinduism among Hindus and Up-Hold Hindu Dharma This is done through various projects by Malaysia Hindu Sangam 

Kindly view:  www.malaysiahindusangam.org

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MalaysiaHinduSangam/